New Jersey Tax Appeal Now

NJ Tax Appeal NOW

The ‘Guide to New Jersey Tax Appeals’ takes the mystery out of the potentially complicated and largely misunderstood property tax appeal process. Property Tax Appeal is a right of every New Jersey property owner. You should know your property ownership rights and understand the Property Tax Appeal Process. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools that investors and professionals have used for years to fight for a fair property assessment.

You don’t have to be a lawyer, real estate appraiser or licensed broker to understand and use the Tax Appeal Process in New Jersey. All you need is a little knowledge and some key resources for sales evidence. The Guide to New Jersey Tax Appeals’ is a complete discussion of the Tax Appeal Process from initial evaluation of your case through the County Tax Board Hearing.

Learn the critical elements and how to avoid common mistakes of the Property Tax Appeal Process. Each phase of the appeal process is broken down in detail and presented to you in easy to follow instructions. Written by a professional New Jersey State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and Certified Tax Assessor with more than 20 years of valuation and tax appeal experience in New Jersey. This guide walks you step by step through the Property Tax Appeal Process in New Jersey.

Topics include:(click to expand)
1. Chapter 123

  • Evaluate your tax appeal case using ‘Chapter 123’.
  • Common Level Range/ What it is. Where to find it. How to use it. Why it matters.
  • ‘True Value’ / What is it? WHEN is it defined and HOW to establish it using comparable sales.
  • Tax Appeal Threshold / Calculating the threshold using the Common Level Range parameters
2. Critical Tax Appeal Dates
  • Can’t Miss Tax Appeal Form filing dates / Initial form; Monmouth County residents; All other NJ Counties
  • Revaluation or Municipal wide ReAssessment filing date extensions
  • Submission of Comparable Sales Evidence
  • Discovery rules
  • True Value Date as Defined for Tax Appeals in New Jersey
  • Comparable Sales Evidence Dates / ***MANY tax appeals are dismissed because the sales do not conform to defined standards of acceptable evidence dates.*** Did you know that some of the most recent sales available may NOT be usable because they fall outside the defined evidence date corridor? If not, you may have cost yourself the appeal case.
3. Comparable Sales Evidence
  • Where to find it. Online and Offline resources.
  • What to do with your data.
  • When to exclude or include sales
  • How many sales to use.
  • When to file the comparable sale evidence.
  • Approaching the tax assessor directly with a strong evidence
  • Evaluating the Tax Assessor’s sales evidence.
  • Presenting compelling sales evidence on paper and in person at the Tax Board Hearing.
4. Screen & Verify Comparable Sales for Tax Appeal
  • Screen & Verify Comparable Sales for Tax Appeal
  • Screening Sales Evidence for Accuracy & Completeness
  • Avoiding ‘NU’ Coded Sales
  • Verifying Sales Evidence With a Principal or Participating Broker
  • Online, (and FREE) Resources for Screening Data That Tax Appeal Pros Use
  • The Tax Assessor as a Data Resource
5. Tax Appeal Forms, (Who, What, When, Where & Why to File
  • Where to Find The Tax Appeal Form, (Online & Offline sources)
  • Completing each section
  • Requested Assessments
  • Comparable Sales Section / The Minimum Requirements & What You SHOULD provide.
  • Tax Appeal Form MUST be Filed in Three Location
  • Critical Tax Appeal Filing Dates
    *Normal conditions / Monmouth County
    *Normal Conditions / All Other New Jersey Counties Except Monmouth
    *Revaluation District / Monmouth County
    *Revaluation District / All Other New Jersey Counties Except Monmouth
    *Municipal Wide ReAssessment District / Monmouth County
    *Municipal Wide ReAssessment District / All Other New Jersey Counties Except Monmouth
  • One online resource to locate all filing locations.
  • What to request whenever you file ANY paperwork related to your Tax Appeal
  • Filing The Tax Appeal Form and Comparable Sales Evidence Separately
6. County Tax Board Hearing
  • Pre- Hearing negotiations
  • What to expect.
  • How to Prepare
  • What exhibits should ALWAYS be included in your presentation.
  • Present a winning case
  • Focus on the Commissioners
  • Defending your evidence
  • Assessor traps and distractions
  • Attacking the assessor’s evidence, (presuming they present a case)
  • Realtors are NOT accepted as ‘Valuation Experts’. They are considered ‘Fact Witnesses’. Learn the difference.
  • What happens at the end?
7. Settlement Offers & The Freeze Act
  • What is a settlement offer?
  • Pre-determining Acceptable Settlement Points
  • Who Makes the Settlement Offer?
  • What is The Freeze Act and How Does It Affect Me?
  • Settlement vs. Judgement. When the Freeze Act Applies and When it Does Not
  • Negotiating Future Year Tax Assessments.
  • Calculating Tax Cost Savings
  • What Affects the Freeze Act Moving Forward, (Revaluation, Municipal Wide ReAssessment, Significant Improvements)
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The information contained herein does NOT constitute legal advice. The owners of this website do not accept tax appeal assignments of any nature. New Jersey DOES permit residential property owners to represent themselves for tax appeal purposes.